The Roncalli Community is a new exciting venture in the Irish Church. The core reason for its existence is to assist in the reform and renewal of the Church. In addition to this core mission a number of other important features of Roncalli are important to note. We are a community of Faith. We are a praying community. In some sense we are exploring new ways of being Church. of still at little more than an embryonic phase of its existence.

As is often the case, it may be easier to state at the outset what the Roncalli Community is not.

It is not a breakaway group from the Church. It is not an alternative Church. The Roncalli Community is not schismatic, nor indeed am I. It is not the intention of those of us involved in Roncalli to judge anyone. It is not our intention, either explicitly or implicitly, to cast doubts on how others live out their vocation or travel the pilgrim path. There is no suggestion here that the way of Roncalli is ‘the’ way, or even a better way of being Church or doing ministry.

So what is it then? What is Roncalli? What is the Roncalli Community?

Roncalli is for those who acknowledge the wrongs of the Church, yet still believe in her beauty.  Roncalli are mindful of a wounded church. We acknowledge that the Church has caused or has been associated with a lot of hurt. We acknowledge the sins of clericalism, misogyny and homophobia. As we concern ourselves primarily with the Church within Ireland we are of course mindful of the various scandals.

We ask ourselves how did we manage to perfect the preaching of such fear, guilt and shame oftentimes to the neglect of the message of joy and freedom?

It is our hope we will model a different way of being Church.  We want to be  as inclusive and welcoming as possible. We hope the Roncalli community will be characterised by joy.

The Roncalli Community will have a strong on-line presence in the form of weekly Eucharist, prayer and talks.

We hope you will become part of our journey.  Who knows perhaps you will one day live for a period as part of our core community or join us as a subsidiary or satellite member. Of course we recognise most people will opt to become a Roncalli Associate or a Friend of Roncalli.