Whilst the Roncalli Community is not a contemplative community it has a significant and important contemplative dimension to it. This dimension is evident in the general air of sacred silence that pervades the house, and most tangibly in the twice weekly special moments of prayer, namely the early rising on a Sunday morning and the special prostration in front of the Cross on Fridays. The Roncalli Community has a role to play in the overall mission of the Universal Church, most specifically in making Jesus, the Good News of the Gospel and God’s love for us, accessible to all. However we in the Roncalli Community have been entrusted by the Archdiocese of Dublin with the specific mission of serving the Faith Community of Ss. Patrick and Bridget in the Parish of Celbridge and Straffan. We are honoured to undertake this mission, and we do so with passion and a real sense excitement. Our motto or indeed our modus operandi is best summarised in the phrase: Reawakening to Renewal and Reform.