Oh sure she died of the Covid,’ he said warmly.

Since when did we get so chummy with such a damn killer?

Fear has given way to respect too quickly.

Yea what happened to our rage? What has become of bald headed anger?

Well I for one am hopping mad with the so called Corona!

Even though it sounds like a girl in an Aran sweater I shared a 99 with, I cannot stand her.

No it’s not a her, nor a he but an it! What do I mean I cannot stand it?

More pussyfooting! More so called’respect

I despise you. I hate you. I am appalled by your cold heartless savagery! You bloody robber!

There now. The Covid. Corona. Damdable plunderer of our peace.

And that’s just for starters!

JMCD 22.07.2020


As different as chalk and

Cheese, as they say –

These two priests of

My Childhood

Cool, hip and trendy

Holy oil still wet on you.

You wrestled us, boasting

Fast Mass, Stale Beer,

Faint hint of Unclean.

In you strutted, pompous

They said, plump in purple

Bowed at crucifix in prayer,

Then shook our hands, leaving

Holy Scent of Old Spice.

Yea, chalk and cheese.

God forgive that sad sick

Young man that ruined us.

Thank you Jesus for the

Holiness of the Canon!

JMCD 08.05.18