October 2017. Idea of new community mooted in the book, ‘Why the Irish Church Deserves to Die,’ by Joe McDonald, but not actually named.

May 2018. In a talk entitled, ‘The Church- Cancer and Cure’, given at the Conference, ‘Five Years To Save the Irish Church,’ briefly sketched the idea of the fictional Parish of St. John XXIII.

October 2018. Roncalli launched in St. Matthew’s, Ballyfermot.

October 2019. Roncalli finds home in Celbridge with Archbishop Martin’s approval.

December 2019. Draft copy of RONCALLI – AN UNBLOWN BRIDGE, sent to Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.

February 2020. Approval of the Roncalli project by Archbishop Martin and the College of Consultors of the diocese.

March 2020. Approval of Roncalli website, signage literature

July – December 2020. Preparation of new Roncalli House, former Holy Faith convent. Building up of Roncalli Associates. Development of Roncalli outreach The Dead Pope’s Society.

December 2020. First members of Roncalli Community in residence.

January- June 2021. Identify/ enrol satellite and eventually core members of the community.

September 2021. First Roncalli Community in residence.

September 2023. First lay leader of Roncalli