If you are thinking of leaving the Church, even if you are about to slam the door from the outside, nay even if you are down the path and at the gate…..ok so maybe you are long gone from the Church?

So before you go, surely another quick look will do no harm?

Well, here in the Roncalli Community we are asking you to have another look, a rethink. Whilst we understand there may be many reasons why you feel as you do, we think you may be dumping something precious, something that might change your life.

Roncalli is for those who acknowledge the meandering wrongs of the Church, yet still see her beauty.

We in the Roncalli Community are dedicated to parish ministry yet rooted in contemplation.

The above is something of what the Roncalli Community is about. Here’s a little more development of that:

We are a group of sisters and brothers, lay, religious and cleric, who share a fascination with Jesus of Nazareth.

At the core of our mission, the Roncalli Community, acknowledges not only the hurt caused to individuals but the overall damage done to the Church and to the preaching of the Gospel message. Against this backdrop we wish to explore creative ways of preaching Jesus afresh.

We joyfully proclaim a fully empowered laity taking ownership of their Church and a re-rooting of priesthood in service, steeped in prayer and with the primary task of breaking the Word and the Bread.

In the spiritual wilderness that is modern Ireland, we in the Roncalli seek to be the bridge over which some who were hurt, abused, betrayed and let down by the Church, may find their way back to a place where they discover afresh the joy and excitement of being in a deep personal and meaningful relationship with Jesus of Nazareth.

Roncalli, in trying to facilitate this return, wishes to present a humble and contrite Church. A place of welcome and compassion.

We want to try something new around being Church. In an inclusive, collaborative, lay-led service of the local parish, we will explore ministering in a different way.

We wish to acknowledge, without blame or recrimination, the errors of clericalism, misogyny, homophobia and the abuse of power and try to live something more gospel based