As promised a few weeks ago, more on Revolution!!
Sisters and Brothers, those of you who have no faith, who assert you do not believe, and will not believe, those of you whose faith is flickering like a candle in the wind, and of course, those of you whose faith is blazing, like a bonfire at Halloween, in the Name of God, Father of all Creation, in the Name of Jesus, and of the Holy Breath, and of the dead generations of Irish Martyrs, Ireland, through us, summons you, her children, to the Gospel, and strikes for her freedom.
Having watched the decline of the Church, the ongoing battle between her, and the new aggressive secularism, the attacks from within and without, not withstanding prevailing diseases within the Church, such as clericalism, abuse of power, and lukewarm leadership, the faithful remnant of committed Catholics choose this moment to reveal themselves. They now seize this opportunity, and rooted in Brigid, Patrick, Catherine McAuley, Matt Talbot, Edel Quinn, Lawrence O’Toole, Mary Aikenhead, Kevin of Glendalough, Ita, Oliver Plunkett, Ide, Edmund Rice, Attracta, Frank Duff and countless others, but relying in the first on the Holy Spirit, she strikes, in full confidence of victory.
We declare the right of the people of Ireland to worship God, to be respected as they do so, and to be protected from all attack, subtle or otherwise, on their sacred beliefs, and to have the freedom to spread the Gospel. The long usurpation of these rights by militant secularism, a hostile media, and emasculated spiritual leadership, has not extinguished them, nor can it, as it is God’s work, and we our God’s people. We flag our intention, to divest ourselves, of half of our schools, to re-examine our role in hospitals and other institutions, to let the State be the State. However we defend the raison d’être of the Catholic School. We pledge ourselves to defend the rights of Catholics to be Catholics, in every aspect of Irish life.
The Christian family in Ireland is entitled to, and hereby claims the right, to preach Jesus of Nazareth, and his message of love, joy and peace. We are committed to religious and civil liberty, and equal rights and equal opportunities for all citizens. We record our abhorrence, and rejection, of all prejudice, especially any form of racism, homophobia, neglect of traveller’s rights, or other forms of exclusion. We declare our resolve to present Jesus, as the ultimate answer to our contemporary ills. In a country whose civil leaders fail the voiceless, and the most vulnerable amongst us, together with the curse of addiction, and sadly the growing trend of many of our young, and not so young, to find that the darkness has become too much, Jesus, and a return to him, is the solution. Jesus is the Light, no darkness can extinguish!
We call on people to take up the arms that are available to them for this epic spiritual battle. Make no mistake, sisters and brothers, this is a battle for the very soul of Ireland. We encourage you to avail of the sustenance, healing and inspiration of the Eucharist. We encourage you to avail of the sacred encounter between us and God, where he who is Mercy, delights in our contrite return, in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Have the Rosary at the ready, and arm yourself with the Miraculous Medal, and let Divine Mercy be your daily watchword. Lectio Divina will provide welcome respite for the battle weary and at the same time inspire us to genuine heroism for the Lord. A great strategy in the battle would be to saturate the country with cells devoted to the practice and spreading of contemplative prayer.
We place the cause, of the reform, and renewal, of the Irish Church under the protection of Mary, Mother of Jesus. We also invoke the patronage of Patrick, who came to Ireland twice, the first time in the the grip of slavery, and the second time as a willing and joyful bearer of the Good News of the Gospel. It is time we stood up for the same Gospel. We do it for those who have gone before us, who suffered and died for the faith. We do it for our children, and their children, who will remember us with gratitude, for keeping the flame of faith alive, at a time when our country was enveloped in great spiritual darkness. We do it for ourselves. We do it because Jesus asked us to. Let’s resolve today to worry less about human approval and think more about the gaze of Jesus who delights in us.
Jesus who loves us beyond our imaginings! Tiocfaidh Lá Dé!!
Signed on Behalf of the Faith Community of St. Matthew,
J.D. MC DONALD (Easter 2016)


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