No I am not swayed by arguments, stats and
Gory pictures.
Nor am I swayed by the one who says you are her body because
You are in it.
No I am not swayed by fear and threat
Even that attributed to the Divine.
Nor am I swayed by your unasked for, uninvited
Inconvenient presence.
No. I am swayed by your little heel
Recoiled in ouch, and yes
I am swayed as you suck on your thumb, most of all
I am swayed by your
So I speak for you and shout
JOE MC DONALD. ( Presentation of the Lord Jesus in the Temple ) 02. 02. 18
Sonogram, noun, definition
1. A graph representing a sound, showing the distribution of energy at different frequencies
2. A visual image produced from an ultrasound examining


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