Weighing it up.
I agree, that women’s health has and continues to have an appalling record in this country and we need to deal with this,that no woman should be pregnant and alone, that the ‘hard cases’, of rape / incest are appalling, that women ‘having to travel’ is heartbreaking, and I can understand slogans like ‘it’s my body.’

However let’s be clear, none of the above, on their own or collectively justifies the deliberate killing of the unborn baby, a beautiful gift from God. We should note that this referendum is not about the ‘hard cases’. It is about healthy babies.

A word of caution from a Catholic perspective.
I have heard people say they are going ‘to vote according to their conscience,’ but is it an informed conscience? As Catholics we inform our conscience through Sacred Scripture, prayer, the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Teaching of the Church. After much prayer and reflection I will vote to save the 8th on May 25th. I know in so doing I will save lives. My friends, I respectfully urge you not to align yourself with the culture of death. Vote No. In voting No you stand with Jesus, the Lord of Life.


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