( Women and Men who have helped me on the Pilgrim Path)
This week I offer a reflection, noting people who have modeled God’s love for me in the hope that it may help you to prayerfully reflect and identify similar people in your own life. Inevitably such a reflection inspires a prayer of deep gratitude.
Joseph, son of Jacob: one of my favorite biblical stories, the least of the brothers, his dream coat, his relationship with Jacob, his father, his brothers and God himself….
Mary Magdalene: one of the first witnesses to the Resurrection I am always moved by the depth of love she has for the Lord…
Thomas: he brings us into the place in the Bible I would so love to be, the Upper Room. I love Thomas. I love his doubt, his entrenched doubt and his beautiful ‘My Lord and my God’.
Brigid of Kildare: her courage, her prayer, her influence, a bridge from the pagan to the Christian.
Martin Luther: Great example of righteous anger at the abusive and dysfunctional Church of his day. We forget he was an Augustinian priest, who had much of value to offer….
Catherine of Siena: one of the great women of the Church. A defender of the Church, had great influence on it, especially at the time of Pope Gregory XI. Deep prayer…..
C. S. Lewis: perhaps best known for Narnia, he is one of the giants of writing. His journey is one of ever deepening faith. His book where he imagines writings from a senior devil to a junior devil, The Screwtape Letters, is a classic…
Mother Angelica: EWTN. Her vibrancy, her humor, her recognition that communication is key….
G. K. Chesterton: I never tire of him. Big in stature, big of heart and big spiritual intellect…..
Edith Stein: A beautiful saint. A German Jewish philosopher who converted to Catholicism and became a Discalced Carmelite nun. Martyred in Auschwitz in 1942, aged 50…
Edmund Rice: One of the great Irish Saints, much under appreciated. Beatified in 1996…
Stan Kennedy: A great and very special lady, living her vocation in the service of those in need…
Peter Mc Verry: Many of us talk, plan and debate, Peter has lived an extraordinary commitment to the homeless. Selfless and courageous he continues to inspire…
Brid Mc Kenna: steeped in prayer, immersed in the Holy Spirit, a life of healing….
Pope Francis: beautiful Pope, compassionate, courageous, inspirational prophetic leadership….
Mother Teresa: ‘love until it hurts’, she said, and she did. She struggled with much inner darkness.
Brother Roger: Deeply prayerful. Unifying.Beautiful writings.Tragic death.Legacy that is Taize….
Bernadette of Lourdes: associated with the Lourdes story, she has her own story, worth exploring.
John XXIII: For me, the pivotal figure. His papacy irrevocably changed the Church. Still reeling…
Sr. Consilio: Has, and remains, the shining light in the cruel world of addiction…..


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