How many shopping days left?
How many sleeps?
Still time left to get Confession
Not sure yet which Mass, maybe Midnight in Matthews!
Do you remember last year?
To think that all that started over soggy sprouts
Trying to remember that it’s about making others happy
Going to surprise a few people with a little gift or at least a card
So much for the season of good will
I think it was nearly St Patrick’s day before they spoke again
I am writing to Susan it’s been too long,
Life is too short for bitterness
Do we have to invite him?
Ah come on love he is my brother
If I miss the birthday of Jesus
I miss Christmas
I don’t care, it’s ridiculous money for a toy!
Yea, but she has her wee heart set on it
Presents are lovely but you cannot beat being present to each other
That’s what the kids should be learning from us
I wish I could ban drink for Christmas it caused murder last year
It’ll be grand they learned their lesson
There was two things caused huge rows last year, drink and phones
Would it be a big deal to say a couple of drinks each at dinner and no phones until after
We’ll be paying for Christmas until the summer
At the very least and within a week the presents will be lying around the house
What kind of giving puts people under pressure and forces them into debt?
Should we have a ‘present truce’ or a limit of twenty euro on present cost?
I wish it was all over, the sheer tension of it, the pressure to enjoy!
We should go away for Christmas but imagine how that would go down
In the scramble for mushy peas, the brown of the turkey and the mince pies
Don’t miss Silent Night, the Crib, Christmas Mass and the quiet prayer of thanksgiving
The best bit for me is getting a feed of drink
No for me the best bit is the dinner and a good siesta after it
Don’t be afraid to lead a short prayer before tucking into Christmas Dinner
For our loved ones in Heaven, for those who need our prayer, for those who have nobody
I’m just afraid of forgetting something important
Yea, what about the moaning last year because there was no cranberry!
Christmas without Jesus is the wedding without the groom
Christmas without Jesus is the party without the guest.


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