Perhaps a break this week from the detail of Roncalli and we let’s turn our attention to Brexit and our own General Election!

I can only imagine your reaction to the notion that your Parish Priest is going to take up valuable space in your parish newsletter about two topics that you feel you have heard more than enough about and indeed could do with a break from. Surely this is not the space for Brexit, nor indeed the General Election?

Well in one way definitely not, but in another maybe it’s not as neat as that. Sometimes we go for a very neat division between these things and our faith. Though at times it might suit us to keep life and faith separate. Indeed in a strange way it might suit us to leave Jesus bound in the tabernacle on a Sunday. Once we allow Jesus into the office, the living room, the field and the kitchen things can start to get messy.

I was asked the other day how many of our public representatives are Catholic? The honest answer is I do not know? Is it my business? Do I care? I know I would not relish the thought of being in a position of having to choose between retaining my seat and going against a core aspect of my faith. That would be a very unenviable position. However that’s not really what I wanted to address.

I want to speak more about the gap that often exists between our faith life and our daily life.

Today, as I write, is Brexit Day. Some will cry tonight with deep sadness others will dance in the street. The leavers are thrilled, the remainers dejected. This all brings up very’ interesting questions about identity and belonging. To what or to whom do I belong? Is there anything I need to leave behind.

Today is also the feast of that wonderful saint, Don Bosco. This is a special day for all our friends in the Salesian family. A very Happy Feast Day to all the Salesians and the wider Salesian Family. We give thanks today for all you do and in particular who you are.

There now follows a party political broadcast on behalf of the…… Kingdom of God. Of the Gospel. Of Jesus of Nazareth…..

Whatever we have in our power to ensure that none of our sisters and brothers are without a home we should do.

Surely there are some gaps between faith and life that cannot sit comfortably with being a follower of Jesus.

Fraternally, Joe McD


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