A pastor in isolation
Well there’s a contradiction if ever this one!
And you call yourself a priest!
Some priest
Very pastoral, what a joke…

I minister on line
I reach out by phone
I zoom
I pray more

Safe and cosy in the big house
Splendid isolation
You should be in the trenches
Instead you are on the sofa

I stay at home to keep me safe
To keep you safe
To give good example
To avoid death and embrace life

Avoid death?
You are a priest
Where’s your faith Father?
You should be happy to die like Faustina and Pio

Die? No I want to live
I want to live to serve the Lord yes
I want to live
To live for others, family, friends, love

Shame on you
Selfish lazy and cowardly
You fail the flock
You fail the Lord

Perhaps the Lord sees it dfferently
Perhaps the Lord understands
You see he loves me
He knows I’m not Faustina nor Pio
Yes the Lord knows me, just Joe, a broken fragile pastor.

JMCD. 26.04.20

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Margaret Meenaghan · 02/07/2020 at 08:37

Fr. Joe, God’s wonderful hardworking Pastor who kept us all safe and sound in body and mind during the pandemic thank you. 🙏

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