I rejoice in the new cockiness of crow
The brazenness of blackbird
The dips and peaks of birdsong
The warm sweet perfume of wallflower
On a window box at my door
All this I had stopped noticing
Or at least not for many a day
If ever I had
Just today though, no just this evening,
No truthfully in the past hour
Caw, coo and chirp
Singing and dancing
Buzzing and buddin
Their refrain is thanks
The verses relief and recovery
In frenzied clatter of wing and whisper of glide
Glide and clatter – what’s being said?
Plump bellied under carriage of pigeon,
Their flight paths in the safe hands of the
Divine control tower, as are we….
In the blessing now birthed
Might we speak less of virus and more of nectar?
Will we more often choose slippers instead of boots?
Last night did the bumble bee buzz a new day?
And the bluebells tinkle a fragile joy?
JMCD 04.05.2020

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Linda Harris · 02/07/2020 at 07:53

Simply lovely poetry!
Thank you, from the depths of Cornwall.

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