O Corona, you are wreaking havoc amongst us
From minor inconvenience of no Big Mac, to stranded in Perth
To your more savage deeds such as, Granny going to God before her time,
To little Sarah’s hard gasping!
O yes Corona you are indeed cruel. Merciless.
Yet your days are numbered, you too will be vanquished.
Yes shocking is your reign, yet today we sound your death knell and
Whilst we are hard pressed and suffering heavy losses
We are resolute. We regroup. We are getting to know you. We know your kind.
You want us sick. You rob our peace. Divide us. You take our very breath.
O Corona we have you in our sights, we are coming for you.
We muster all that is divine in us:
Courage, compassion, self – sacrifice as we recognise
Our common and universal sisterhood and brotherhood
O Corona you yourself should tremble, shiver, and shake as
We galvanise ourselves against you, your number is up
He is counting you out.
Christus vincitl Christus Regnat! Christus Imperat!
( Christ comes! Christ Reigns! Christ commands! )
it makes a difference when this is read aloud
JMCD. 24. 04. 2020


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